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Selfhosted price watcher for the Nintendo eShop.
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Price watcher for the Nintendo eShop. Sends an email alert through IFTTT when the desired price of a watched game is reached.

Note: Personal project, so this currently uses the European eShop API. It shouldn’t be too hard to migrate to other regions though.


Add your IFTTT Webhooks key on line 7, and your watched games like on line 18-21.

How I use this

Cronjob, every 6th hour from 6 through 24:

0 6-24/6 * * * python

If the desired price is reached I get an email through IFTTT.

If you want to do the same, create a new applet with the Webhooks service. The event name must be nintendo_price_watcher, adjust the output to your liking, or use mine:


Pi 3: {{EventName}}


{{Value1}} dropped below your desired price! On sale for {{Value2}} EUR until {{Value3}}
Discovered on {{OccurredAt}}


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