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Examples for the book - "Drools JBoss Rules 5.5 Developer's Guide"

More information about this book can be found at


The following is a list of projects that this archive contains. One chapter in the book corresponds to one or more projects.

  • chapter 3 validating - project validation
  • chapter 4 transforming data - project etl_iBatis
  • chapter 5 creating human readable rules - projects dsl, decision_tables, ruleflow
  • chapter 6 working with stateful session - project stateful
  • chapter 7 complex event processing - project cep
  • chapter 8 defining processes with jBPM - project jBPM
  • chapter 9 building sample application - project sampleApplication
  • chapter 10 testing - project testing
  • chapter 11 integrating - project integration
  • appendix custom operator - project cep
  • other projects:
    • project bankingcore - contains banking domain model, reporting model, some service interfaces, some utility classes


  • install Eclipse
  • install maven
  • create new workspace in Eclipse
  • set M2_REPO Eclipse variable to point to your local maven repository (for more info see
  • extract zip file into the Eclipse workspace (you can do this step outside of Eclipse)
  • go to the droolsBookParent project and run mvn eclipse:eclipse -DdownloadSources=true
  • import all (14) projects through File->Import..->General->Existing Projects into Workspace->select root directory->you should see bunch of projects that you can import
  • setup is complete, you can start playing with the examples

You can also build all examples and run all tests from command line. Go to the droolsBookParent project and execute: mvn clean install

The examples were developed and tested with JDK 1.6.0_27, Maven 3.0.4

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