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#Dante Editor

Hey!, Did you know there is a new version of Dante?, check it out at

![Gitter]( Chat.svg)

(This library is free and will stay free, but needs your support to sustain its development. There are lots of desirable new features and maintenance to do. If you work for a company using Dante or have the means to do so, please consider financial support)


####Just another Medium editor clone.


So far we have tried all the wysiwyg clones out there, those are really great, and each have their pros and cons. But none of them has all the features that the real medium editor provides. So we wondered, How complicated could be write our own version of Medium's wysiwyg?


Until now We´ve implemented the following features:


  • HTML sanitizer for pasted or loaded text.
  • Image upload for paste events.
  • Image upload for legacy images on existent texts.
  • The medium (+) Tooltip to embed or upload media.
  • Tab navigation.
  • Embeds:
    • Image Uploader with preview and caption option.
    • Embed data for pasted link through OEmbed services.
    • Embed media information for pasted links through OEmbed services.
    • Add or remove tooltip buttons with ease with plugin system.
  • Suggest data when type @
  • List creation with shorcuts ie:. 1. , - , 1) with spacebar or return key
  • Custom tooltip bottons support
  • CSS tries to use the same fonts used in Medium, (if you have already setup those fonts) or fallbacks to open fonts (by Google fonts) or system fonts.
    • serif: freight-text-pro fallbacks to Merriweather or Georgia,
    • sans: jaf-bernino-sans fallbacks to Open Sans or Lucida Grande



  <div id="editor">
    your content here


  <script type="text/javascript">
    editor = new Dante.Editor(
        el: "#editor",
        upload_url: "/images.json", //it expect an url string in response like /your/server/image.jpg or
        store_url: "/save" //post to save


Configuration options:


  • el: default: #editor
  • debug: default: false
  • spellcheck: default: false
  • default_loading_placeholder: image placeholder to show when uploaded/pasted images are loading , defaults to a grey background
  • disable_title default: false, will hide the initial heading placeholder for initial text
  • title_placeholder default: 'Title'
  • title default: none, pass a pre-existing title to the editor here
  • body_placeholder default: 'Tell your story…'

Widgets & Tooltips

  • base_widgets: default: ["uploader", "embed", "embed-extract"],
  • extra_tooltip_widgets: an array of new Dante.TooltipWidget instances.


  • base_behaviors: default: ["save", "image","list", "suggest"]
  • extra_behaviors: an array of new Dante.Behavior instances.

Store Behavior:

  • store_url: default: to none , url to store data with interval

  • store_method default: to POST , http verb to use when store_url is present.

  • store_success_handler default: to none. Option to set a function to handle success response for save operation, works only if store_url is present.

  • failure_xhr_handler: handles ajax store failure

  • store_interval: default: 1500 (1.5 secs), used when store_url is present.

  • before_xhr_handler: default: none, callback for handle beforeSend on all ajax calls

  • success_xhr_handler: default: none, callback for handle success event on all ajax calls


  • upload_url: default: /uploads.json
  • upload_callback: default: empty, allows optional way to handle the server response when image is uploaded This is useful when you don't have control on the backend response. the callback will return the xhr response , the node and the context. When this option is empty the default behavior will expect a json response with the url {url: "path/to/img.jpg"} (before 0.1.8 the expected reponse was a string containing the url)
  • image_delete_callback: default: none, returns the image data before deletion. use this if you want to destroy image from the server.
  • image_caption_placeholder default: "Type caption for image (optional)"

Embed tool:

  • oembed_url: default:"
  • extract_url: default:"
  • embed_placeholder default: 'Paste a YouTube, Vine, Vimeo, or other video link, and press Enter'
  • embed_caption_placeholder default: "Type caption for embed (optional)"
  • extract_placeholder default: 'Paste a link to embed content from another site (e.g. Twitter) and press Enter'

Suggest Behavior (new!)

  • suggest_url: default: "/api/suggest.json"
  • suggest_query_param: default: "q"
  • suggest_query_timeout: default: 300
  • suggest_handler: default: none. Handler function to handle response of suggest request
  • suggest_resource_handler: default: null. Handler function to handle the selected resource (when hover a link)



Use the title option in the initializer to pass a title to Dante.


Use the following code to get your text into the Dante editor's body:

  <div id="editor editable" > 
    <%= @post.excerpt %> 

Rails / AssetPippeline

in Gemfile

gem "dante-editor"

Sanitize.js and Underscore.js are Dante dependencies- If you don't already have those installed, add those to your gemfile as well.

gem 'underscore-rails' gem 'rails-sanitize-js'


@import "dante";


//= require 'dante'

If you just added the Underscore.js and Sanitize.js gems, add this as well: //= require sanitize //= require underscore


Can I donate to support the development of Dante Editor?


if you want to donate you will enable us to spend more time improving the library and we will be greatly thankful with you. If your company uses Dante please consider making a contribution. We are available for hire to work on or with Dante. Thanks!


This Library will work fine on latest versions of Chrome/Safari/FF/IE. We don't have any intention to target all browsers versions, really... if you like this library and you need backward compatibility with an specific version you can submit a patch to help with the development or just upgrade your shitty browser :D

BTW , this library is an official beta release, so there are known bugs that we are currently working on. see TODO list below.


Some dependencies are required in order to Dante editor works properly:

Drop underscore and jquery dependencies are on our roadmap.


There is a web app for development to work with the source files and make the proper tests. To use application:


  • install ruby
  • execute bundle install
  • execute bower install

Start app:

bundle exec rackup and visit http://localhost:9292


bundle exec middleman (this is without upload server) and visit localhost:4567


foreman start and visit http://localhost:9292


tests are located in source/tests and /source/assets/spec folder and accessible by visit host/tests


read todo



Big kudos to our valued contributors. Check them all at:



  • Inline menu features was written taking some ideas and code from pen.js
  • Sanitize.js allows us to clean HTML like pros.
  • No animals were harmed in the making of this film wysiwyg


Licensed under MIT. 2014

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