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Micro Official Plugin Channel

This repository contains the 'channel.json' file which lists all official micro plugins. This is where the editor looks to search for plugins to install.


Plugin Description Link
comment Plugin to auto comment or uncomment lines
snippets Provides snippets functionality
go Provides gofmt and goimports support for Go files
fish Provides fishfmt support for Fish files
wc Plugin to count words/characters
fzf Provides fzf support for opening files
pony Provides auto-indentation for Pony files
editorconfig EditorConfig Support for micro
crystal Provides various crystal tools for crystal files
gotham-colors A colorscheme for code that never sleeps in Gotham City
misspell Plugin that corrects commonly misspelled words
monokai-dark A dark monokai colorscheme
scratch Plugin to create scratch buffers
manipulator Extend text manipulation abilities
filemanager A file manager!
rubocop Rubocop autoformatting
vcs Mark changed lines in Git or Mercurial repositories
fmt A multi-language formatting plugin

Adding your own plugin

To add your own plugin, create a repo.json file containing all the metadata information for your plugin. See the Go plugin repo.json file as an example.

Then you can open a pull request which adds the link to that file to the channel.json file in this repo.