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Known Vulnerabilities MIT Licence

Ready-to-run docker image

docker pull

Environment variables needed: (i.e. docker run -e xxx=xxx -e… maowtm/schsrch)

  • MONGODB=mongodb://<your-mongo-server>/schsrch
  • ES=<your-elasticsearch-server>:9200
  • SITE_ORIGIN=http://localhost (depend on you)

For a possible developmental set-up, see ./docker-compose-example.yml .

BrowserStack logo

BrowserStack supported this project by offering me free access to a variety of real iPhone / Mac devices for testing, which I couldn't have afford otherwise. Big thanks goes to them. Their platform allows you to test your website remotely with real devices running Android, iOS, Windows, OS X and even Windows Phone, just in your browser. There is a 30 minute trial for new users. I would recommend using that to see if your website runs nicely on all platforms.