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Traces the file access patterns of a process and all of its children. Unlike the other tracing samples, Tracebld is entirely self-contained. It includes a parent process that initiates a child process with instrumentation and aggregates the results for the child and its children. Output from the children is delivered to the parent process via a named pipe created by the parent.

Source is located in the /samples/tracebld directory.


DetourAttach, DetourAttachEx, DetourCodeFromPointer, DetourCopyPayloadToProcess, DetourCreateProcessWithDllEx, DetourDetach, DetourEnumerateImports, DetourEnumerateModules, DetourFindPayload, DetourGetEntryPoint, DetourGetModuleSize, DetourFinishHelperProcess, DetourIsHelperProcess, DetourRestoreAfterWith, DetourTransactionBegin, DetourTransactionCommit, DetourUpdateThread.

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