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@sean-mcmanus sean-mcmanus released this Jul 4, 2019 · 7 commits to release since this release


To use the "offline" .vsix (that doesn't download OS-based dependencies on extension activation), download the .vsix that matches your OS and run the "Install from VSIX" command in VS Code.


  • VS Code 1.30.0 or later.


Version 0.24.0: July 3, 2019

New Features


  • Configuration UI editor improvements:
    • Add list of detected compiler paths. PR #3708
    • Enable selecting/editing of other configurations and add "Advanced Settings" section. PR #3732
  • Enable envFile for cppdbg. PR #3723
  • Change the default path value of C_Cpp.intelliSenseCachePath. #3347 #3664
  • Change C_Cpp.clang_format_path to machine scope. #3774
  • Add validation to the advanced configuration UI settings. PR #3838
  • Add Current Configuration to C/C++: Log Diagnostics. PR #3866

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for gdb follow-fork-mode child not working. #2738
  • Fix IntelliSense process crash on hover with certain arrays. #3081
  • Fix IntelliSense-based Go to Definition for goto labels. #3111
  • Fix IntelliSense behaving incorrectly when files are opened with different casing on Windows. #3229
  • Fix user defined literals crashing IntelliSense in clang/gcc mode. #3481
  • Improve sourceFileMap to be more dynamic. #3504
  • Fix IntelliSense-based hover document comments being shown for invalid declarations not used by the current translation unit. #3596
  • Fix Go to Definition when is void missing in the parameter list of a function definition a .c file. #3609
  • Fix configuration validation of compiler path and IntelliSense mode compatibility for clang-cl.exe compiler. #3637
  • Fix resolving ${workspaceFolderBasename} and add ${workspaceStorage}. #3642
  • Fix IntelliSense-based Go to Definition performance issue due to extra database iteration. #3655
  • Fix SourceRequest causing debugging to stop with NotImplementedException. #3662
  • Fix typo in intelliSenseMode description.
  • Fix invalid warning with typedef enums in .c files. #3685
  • Fix incorrect keyword completion occurring for pragma #keyword. #3690
  • Fix problem matcher to show fatal errors from GCC #3712
  • Fix multi-root folders with the same name sharing the same browse database. PR #3715
  • Fix remoteProcessPicker on Windows. #3758
  • Fix crash when tag parsing Objective-C code. #3776
  • Fix duplicate slashes getting added to c_cpp_properties.json. PR #3778
  • Fix envFile variable substitution. #3836
  • Fix missing headers popup. PR #3840
  • Fix multiple anonymous unions not showing correctly in Locals while debugging. MIEngine#820
  • Fix pause not working when using DebugServer/MIDebuggerServerAddress on Linux and macOS. MIEngine#844
  • Improvements to CPU and memory usage when editing.

Known Issues

  • Outline shows No symbols found after a file is opened (until it's edited). #3877
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