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[DEPRECATED] Spelling and Grammar Checker

Unfortunately, the underlying service that this extension depends upon has stopped working. This impacts English 100% of the time, the extension continues to work intermittently for other languages.

Better Spell Checkers are Available - Time to Upgrade

I recommend you un-install this extension and use one of the other options such as Code Spellchecker in it's place. I'm publishing this update to help users find a valid migration path.

To highlight this to existing users upon activating the extension you will see a new warning message:

Warning Message

I want to keep using the extension - Stop Nagging Me

If you choose to continue to use the extension, click Don't Ask Again in the warning message. Which will create a setting in your VS Code User Settings to suppress the message from coming up again. Delete that setting "spell.StopAsking": true when you do finally uninstall the extension.

I do intend to un-publish the extension in the next month so to prevent new users from finding it when searching for a spell checker.

When this happens any local copy you have will continue to work. There will also be a .VSIX file in the extension repository should you want to get it and load it into VS Code.

Additional README Content / User Guide

If you are still using the extension and wish to review the full user guide click here.

Change Log

A complete CHANGELOG is maintained here.


Added guidance to un-install extension based on instability of the underlying service with a suggestion to leverage another one of the options out there.


An extension to VSCode for spell and grammar checking.




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