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Dual magnetic stir controller
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Dual magnetic stir controller


This is the Arduino sketch to build a double magnetic stirrer based on 2 fans, a 1602 LCD display, a KY-040 encoder and an Arduino (e.g. Uno, Leonardo, Pro Micro).

In order to put the stirrer into operation you have to change the settings in stir.ino according to your setup.

Overview of Functions

All functions are controlled by the KY-040 encoder:

  • Short Press: change between menu, stirrer 1 and stirrer 2
  • Turn when menu is selected: change between menu items (SPEED, BOOST, BTIME, CATCH, CTIME)
  • Long press when menu is selected: lock all functions (unlock also by long press)
  • When a stirrer is selected:
    • SPEED: turn sets speed, long press switches stirrer on or off.
    • BOOST: turn sets boost speed, long press activates/deactivates the boost function (running time is shown in the display).
    • BTIME: turn changes the boost time in minutes.
    • CATCH: turn activates/deactivates the fishing function
    • CTIME: turn changes the interval in minutes for the fish catching function
    • RTIME: turn changes speed rise time in seconds (applies to power on, stirrer on, boost on and fish catching)
    • OTIME: turn changes switch off time in hours (the timer activates immediately, 0 = switch off disabled)
  • Other menu options:
    • BRGHT: LCD brightness

Display Indicators:

  • Bottom Left: Menu
  • Bottom Center/Right: displays the set values for the stirrers depending on the selected menu item.
  • Top Center/Right: displays the current stirrer speed (or 'OFF' or 'CAT' (Fishing)).
  • Top Left: shows the remaining time of the boost or switch off function.

Settings (in stir.ino)

Value Description
SPEEDINC increment of speed values when turning the encoder
FANMIN fan minimum speed (should be a value at which the fan runs safely) (rpm)
FANMAX maximum speed of the fan (it is important that this is the real maximum value of the fan) (rpm)
BOFF if set boost off will also turn the normal mode off
BINC boost time increment (min)
CINC catch time increment (min)
RINC rise time increment (sec)
OINC off timer increment (hour)
CATCHSTOP stop interval for stir fish catch function (ms)
PWM0, PWM1 PWM output pins for fan speed
PWM2 PWM output pin for LCD brightness control
I0, I1 interrupts for rpm measurement (2 and 3 for Leonardo and ProMicro / 0 and 1 for Uno)
CLK, DT, SW pins for KY-040 encoder
OFF0, OFF1 these pins will be set if the fan is off
RINTERVAL regulation interval (ms)
RDELAY extra regulation delay when value changes (ms)
RTOL regulation tolerance (rpm)
SINTERVAL speed measurement interval (ms)
SAVERAGE speed measurement average
SAVETAG parameter save identifier
SAVEDELAY delay in seconds before parameter will be saved to EEPROM
LCDB LCD brightness steps (10 values, 0=off, 255=max)

API commands

Commands are colon separated an can be send via USB/Serial

Command Description
info returns a colon separated string with all parameters (see below)
version returns the software version
on:<0/1> switch stirren on
off:<0/1> switch stirren off
bon:<0/1> switch boost mode on
boff:<0/1> switch boost mode off
speed:<0/1>:<rpm> set stirrer speed (FANMIN-FANMAX rpm)
bspeed:<0/1>:<rpm> set stirrer boost speed (speed-FANMAX rpm)
btime:<0/1>:<min> set boost time (0-60)
con:<0/1> switch catch mode on
coff:<0/1> switch catch mode off
ctime:<0/1>:<min> set catch mode interval (60-240 min)
rtime:<0/1>:<sec> set speed rise time (0-240 sec)
otime:<0/1>:<hour> switch stirrer off after time in hours (1-99 hour, 0 deactivates switch off)

All commands return a colon separated string with all current parameters:

Element Stirrer Variable in stir.ino Description
0 0 F[0] state (0=on, 1=off)
1 0 v[0] speed (rpm)
2 0 b[0] boost speed (rpm)
3 0 rpm[0] rpm
4 0 xpm[0] averaged rpm
5 0 r[0] regulation value
6 0 bstate[0] boost state (0=on, 1=off)
7 0 btime[0] boost time (min)
8 0 cat[0] fish catch mode state (0=on, 1=off)
9 0 ctime[0] fish catch time interval (min)
10 0 rtime[0] speed rise time (sec)
11 0 otime[0] switch off time (hour)
12 0 boost remain (sec)
13 0 off timer remain (sec)
14 1 F[1] state (0=on, 1=off)
15 1 v[1] speed (rpm)
16 1 b[1] boost speed (rpm)
17 1 rpm[1] rpm
18 1 xpm[1] averaged rpm
19 1 r[1] regulation value
20 1 bstate[1] boost state (0=on, 1=off)
21 1 btime[1] boost time (min)
22 1 cat[1] fish catch mode state (0=on, 1=off)
23 1 ctime[1] fish catch time interval (min)
24 1 rtime[1] speed rise time (sec)
25 1 otime[1] switch off time (hour)
26 1 boost remain (sec)
27 1 off timer remain (sec)
28 0=ok, 1=error
29 software version


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