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Midostack enables you to start an all-in-one node OpenStack + MidoNet environment with a single command, by making use of devstack. It builds MidoNet from source and configures/runs devstack to use MidoNet as the Neutron plugin. By default, master branch is used for MidoNet as well as openstack projects(Neutron, Nova, etc). See -h for more options to configure Midostack environment.

Note that this is intended for a developer environment, not for a production environment.


Platform: Ubuntu 14.04 on x86_64 RAM: 4GB(minimum) or more(recommended). If you see issues in Midostack, e.g. fails to stack, some service doesn't start, VM doesn't launch, etc, try with more memory. 8GB should be big enough for spawning several VMs on midostack.

Running MidoStack

Launching a Midostack VM with Vagrant (Optional)

This section describes how to run MidoStack on a Vagrant VM. If you'd like to run MidoStack on your host environment directly, please skip this section and move to Stacking up section.


Launching a VM

Run the following command to launch a VM for MidoStack:

$ cd midostack
midostack$ vagrant up

It launches the default VM with the following port forwarding and mount configurations as explained below. Once the VM is up, you can do vagrant ssh to ssh into the vagrant VM and go to /midostack where the midostack repository on the host is mounted.

Port Forwarding

  • For horizon: host's port 8080 is forwarded to guest's port 80 so you can access to horizon at http://localhost:8080 on the host.

  • For VNC console: host's port 6080 is forward to guest's port 6080. Define the following environment variable before running so you can access to VNC console for OpenStack VMs on the horizon connected from the host.

export NOVNCPROXY_URL="http://localhost:6080/vnc_auto.html"


midostack directory on the host is mounted /midostack in the guest.

Stacking up script takes care of everything for you. It sets up OpenStack and MidoNet development environment.

midostack$ ./

Stopping MidoStack

Run the following command to stop the running MidoStack:

midostack$ ./

This stops all the services and wipes out the data.~~