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User Commands

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The following are user commands and are available to all players:

Command: /chat {entries}
Shows the global chat history. By default it shows the last 100 entries.
This also includes when a player connects and disconnects from the server.

Command: /date
Displays the current date.

Command: /head
Displays your heading.

Command: /head {on|off}
Turn {on} to continue displaying your heading, updating once a second.

Command: /hello
A simple Hello World test.

Command: /help {name}
Displays help on the specified command {name}.

Command: /motd
Displays the message of the day.

Command: /pos
Displays your position.

Command: /pos {on|off}
Turn {on} to continue displaying your position, updating once a second.

Command: /settings
Will display all current game settings.

Command: /range
Sets a GPS coordinate on the targeted item under the player crosshairs, showing the range.
Only items in visible range can be targeted, and the item is not identified.

Command: /status
Displays the current players and steam Ids.

Command: /time
Displays the current time.

Note: Individual commands can be disabled by your game Server Administrator on a Dedicated Server and thus may not be available to all players.
See the Permissions page for details on how to do this.

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