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Color themes for Gnome's default editor Gedit
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Latest commit fde4f9d @mig Merge pull request #5 from guetux/master
fix selection color for twilight theme when used in gedit 3
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Tinge.xml initial commit
autumn.xml HUGE theme update
cobalt.xml changed bracket-match highlight and added draw-spaces color
darkermate.xml darker versions of wombat (womvamp) and darkmate (darkermate)
darkmacs.xml initial commit
darkmate.xml initial commit
desert.xml initial commit
dusk.xml fix: Dusk description was using 3 lines in the themes dialog
fluffy.xml new themes, fluffy and vibrant ink
fruity.xml added fruity themes
github.xml Added a clone of the Github theme for Gedit
idle.xml initial commit Update
ironman.xml HUGE theme update
native.xml HUGE theme update
neon.xml HUGE theme update
oblivion.xml HUGE theme update
railscasts.xml initial commit
railscasts2.xml HUGE theme update
rainbow_neon.xml HUGE theme update
slush_and_poppies.xml initial commit
twilight.xml fix selection in twilight for gedit 3.2
vibrant_fun.xml added to mods of vibrant ink
vibrant_ink.xml new themes, fluffy and vibrant ink
vibrant_nerd.xml added to mods of vibrant ink
vibrantink.xml HUGE theme update
warm_grey.xml HUGE theme update
wombat.xml HUGE theme update
womvamp.xml darker versions of wombat (womvamp) and darkmate (darkermate)
zenburn.xml Update zenburn.xml
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