Provides an isolated migasfree server to run in one host
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Migasfree Docker

Provides an isolated migasfree server to run in one host.


  • A FQDN for your server: If you don't have a FQDN you can add a register in /etc/hosts in order to emulate it in a test environment, or you can use the IP server too.

  • docker engine installed:

  • docker-compose installed:

  • haveged installed: Migasfree server needs a certain entropy in the host to generate gpg keys. If your host is based in Debian run:

       apt-get install haveged


  • Download docker-compose.yml and variables file:
        mkdir mf
        cd mf
  • Configure:
        vi variables


        . variables
        docker-compose up -d

Test it!

Open any browser and enter the website, e.g.:

xdg-open http://<FQDN>


Edit the file /var/lib/migasfree/FQDN/conf/ to customize the migasfree-server (

Backup the Database

Migasfree server makes a dump of the database at POSTGRES_CRON config variable, but running this command will force the dump of the database in /var/lib/migasfree/FQDN/dump/migasfree.sql :

docker exec -ti backup

Restore the DataBase

Copy a dump file in /var/lib/migasfree/FQDN/dump/migasfree.sql and run:

docker exec -ti restore

Data persistence

In /var/lib/migasfree/ you will have all data. Make yourself a regular backup of this directory.