Swift wrapper for some regex libraries.
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SwiftRegex is a wrapper library of regular expression libraries, such as POSIX regex.h.


To use swift-regex...

  1. Specify swift-regex implementation, using SwiftRegexImplementation.by object.
  2. An implementation will offer its DSL to configure.


import POSIXRegex
import SwiftRegex


guard let regex = pattern(of: "ba").compile() else {
    fatalError { "cannot compile pattern \"ba\"" }

let matcher = regex.matcher(for: "foo-bar-baz")
matcher.matches // -> true


Currently POSIX regex.h is the only implementation of SwiftRegex.


  • Add API and POSIX implementation of a feature to replace string element.
  • Add implementation of RE2
  • Add implementation of Oniguruma


SwiftRegex uses Swift Package Manager, so you can install this library by SPM.

First, add SwiftRegex to dependencies.

dependencies [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/mike-neck/swift-regex.git", from: "0.1"),

Second, add SwiftRegex and an implementation to your target dependencies.

targets [
    .target(name: "YourAweSomeApp", dependencies: [

Third, import SwiftRegex(which determines API) and an implementation in your swift file.

import SwiftRegex // defines API
import POSIXRegex // offers implementation

SwiftRegexImplementation.by.usePosix() // by calling this, pattern function will returns POSIX regexp.

How to Implement

To implement SwiftRegex, you should offer some protocols.

  • SwiftRegexImplementationRef
    • The function createPattern returns SwiftRegexPattern protocol.
    • This protocol is only for a smooth DSL.
  • SwiftRegexPattern
    • The function compile returns SwiftRegex?
    • This protocol is responsible for compiling a given regex pattern.
  • SwiftRegex
    • The function matcher returns RegexMatcher.
    • Represents a compiled regular expression.
  • RegexMatcher
    • Represents matching result.
    • offering some matching result.
      • matches returns whether the pattern matches the testing string.
  • And extend SwiftRegexImplementation class to offer DSL, and make pattern function to return your implementation.
    • A static property by is a singleton object of SwiftRegexImplementation.
    • Calling useImpl(of:) with SwiftRegexImplementationRef from your extension function for SwiftRegexImplementation will makes it available for pattern function to return your SwiftRegex implementation.