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# Stubbing Services in Tests

We have a problem: our tests only pass, when we're logged in with a particular userId -- because they're actually reading/writing to cookies! This is a leak, and we need to fix it

Create a file in your tests folder like [`tests/test-helpers/auth-service.js`](../tests/test-helpers/auth-service.js), where we'll put our "stub" service that will be used in place of the real one during tests

import Service, { inject as service } from '@ember/service';
import Router from '@ember/routing/router';
import { tracked } from '@glimmer/tracking';
export default class StubbedAuthService extends Service {
* @type {Router}
@service router;
* @type {string}
@tracked currentUserId = null;
get isAuthenticated() {
return !!this.currentUserId;
loginWithUserId(id) {
this.currentUserId = id;

Now we just need to install it. Go to [`tests/integration/components/team-sidebar-test.js`](../tests/integration/components/team-sidebar-test.js) and begin by importing the stub service

import StubbedAuthService from 'shlack/tests/test-helpers/auth-service';

Now we just need to "register" the service before each test, ensuring our test-appropriate one is used in place of the real one. Put this code in the test module, but before any tests.

hooks.beforeEach(function() {
this.owner.register('service:auth', StubbedAuthService);

Finally, at the beginning of the test, set the state of the service according to our needs

this.owner.lookup('service:auth').currentUserId = 'LOL';

Make an appropriate adjustment to the assertion value, taking the userId into account and you should be good to go!

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