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Track a Virus: COVID-19 Dashboard

Track a Virus is a dashboard for analysing COVID-19 data across the globe. Its key features are:

  • Comparison between different countries
  • Ability to see daily changes in a number of cases and deaths
  • Snapshot of the data across the whole world
  • Our ambition is to provide the most comprehensive COVID-19 dashboard, so your code contributions are more than welcome :-)


Currently, it uses the data provided by the John Hopkins university. It's updated daily.

Project is open for contributors

This is an open-source project for a reason. We want to build the most comprehensive COVID-19 dashboard. And it's a big task that will be impossible without help from people from all around the world.

Moreover, the project has a prioritised roadmap. So if you think of working on a feature, there's already a whole list of ideas.

We also welcome your ideas and bug reports. So, please, do file them in the Issues section.

Interesting in contributing? Awesome :-). Check the Contributing section.

Tech Stack

Key technologies are:

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • MobX
  • Chart.js
  • Jest
  • Native CSS grids
  • Interested in more tech topics, check the Check the Contributing section.

Running locally

  • npm start - starts the dev server
  • npm run builds - runs all pre-build checks and builds a production version
  • npm test - runs all the unit tests
  • npm run test:coverage - all tests + coverage information
  • npm run lint - TypeScript type checks and linting by eslint
  • npm run prettier - running Prettier (code formatting checks)