Compress and optimize the JPEG, PNG, and GIF files used in your site’s HTML and CSS.
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Recursively searches a directory path for image files (JPEG, GIF, PNG) and
applies lossless compression to files in-place.  This can be particularly 
handy for optimizing images in an existing codebase, especially when you are
geared for working from the Linux or Mac command-line.

This script uses techniques described in this article about the use
of jpegtran:
and used by the tool described here:

Wesley makes use of gifsicle, ImageMagick, jpegtran, and pngcrush to optimize
images. You should make an attempt to ensure that each of these has been
installed on your system prior to running this script. If you are missing
any of these, however, Wesley will still run but will skip any optimizations
for which the applicable software is not available. In other words, if you
don't have jpegtran installed, Wesley will skip JPEG optimizations.


You're going to want to check the server you're working on to see which of 
these packages you may already have, or need to install. You can still run
Wesley if you're missing one or more of these packages.  Fewer optimizations
will be made, however.

If you're working on a Mac, try using Fink to install these packages before
compiling on your own from source.






Recursively optimize all images within a directory: directory_path

Optimize a single image: filename


Original author: Mike Brittain