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mime-type 2.0 support #641

auxbuss opened this Issue · 20 comments

I see that mail is tied to mime-types ~>1.16. I'm finding an increasing number of deps on mime-types 2.0.

Is there a roadmap for moving to mime-types 2.0?


Ok. So, since having to use mime-types 2.0 forces mail 2.2.7 (2.5.4 is current), is the best option is to build the gem locally overriding the gemspec?

@parndt parndt referenced this issue in refinery/refinerycms-news

How about support refinerycms edge vesion #140


Is there any strong opinion regarding when Mail will drop support for Ruby 1.8?
What I'm really asking is: would it be a worthwhile endeavour to investigate patching this?

@dmathieu dmathieu referenced this issue in rails/rails

Mime-types dependency outdated... #13240

@xiaods xiaods referenced this issue from a commit in xiaods/refinerycms-news
@xiaods xiaods FIX: bypass mail gem dependence mime's version
 It's because the Mail gem depends on mime-types at ~> 1.16 and other gems have
 moved on to 2.0. Relates to mikel/mail#641





This is holding more and more people back every day (or forcing them to overrule other dependencies, with unknown risks). Why not freeze 1.8 support here ? Those people/projects mostly live in the past anyway.


+1 on this issue, it's becoming a common problem with projects I work with. Surely this can be fixed ?


Any updates on this?


This is such a pain...

@heidi heidi referenced this issue in activeadmin/activeadmin

Upgrade mime-types dependency to 2.1 #2924

@heidi heidi referenced this issue from a commit in heidi/mail
Heidi Galbraith Upgrade to version 2.1 of mime-types
Fixes mikel#641

@ConradIrwin Tests pass locally after upgrading to the new version of mime-types. It looks like the ruby 1.8 builds are failing on your CI but the comments above lead me to believe that is expected/acceptable. Thoughts?




Would be great to get that resolved eventually.




This has been open over six months now. What is holding it up? Surely it can't be support for Ruby 1.8 which lost official support a year ago!?


#695, looks like no release planned.

bf4 commented

2.6.1 is released with mime-types support up to 3 and is merged into Rails 4 through edge!

@bf4 bf4 closed this
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gem compatibility issue with rails #2

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