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examples bye bye rel=icon
f upgrade to latest version of all fonts
fonts-original upgrade to latest version of all fonts
i new chapter on history.pushState
j shave another 500 bytes
mockups original Balsamiq Mockups files for images in new introduction
s sounds for sample game
sounds-original sounds for sample game
util minimization fiddling [closes issue 3]
.htaccess more MIME types for fonts. please stop emailing me about this. browse…
Makefile More descriptive script filenames. Seriously, I get letters.
about.html GitHub issues link
canvas.html bye bye rel=icon
detect.html bye bye rel=icon
everything.html bye bye rel=icon
extensibility.html bye bye rel=icon
favicon.ico added favicon
forms.html apparently the latest version of Safari does not have this limitation
geolocation.html bye bye rel=icon
history.html add Opera version number for history.pushState support
index.html bye bye rel=icon
introduction.html bye bye rel=icon
legal.html bye bye rel=icon
mobile.css mobile stylesheet
offline.html typo
past.html better links for content sniffing and UTF-7 attacks
peeks-pokes-and-pointers.html better links for content sniffing and UTF-7 attacks
robots.txt it's alive
screen.css fix misalignment now that all chapter titles use a br after number
semantics.html rel=archives sleeps with the fishes
storage.html bye bye rel=icon
table-of-contents.html bye bye rel=icon
video.html bye bye rel=icon
workers.html bye bye rel=icon
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