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Retro Rogue Collection

Rogue is the classic dungeon crawing video game from the early 1980s. Retro Rogue Collection brings it to your machine in a way never seen before.


Download Retro Rogue Collection today! Read the readme before getting started.

Six Classic Versions

Rogue went through big changes throughout the 1980s. Originally developed for Unix mainframes, it eventually saw an IBM PC release. Retro Rogue Collection lets you relive this whole era by offering six different versions of the game. See the versions page for detailed information about the different versions.

  • PC Rogue v1.48
  • PC Rogue v1.1
  • Unix Rogue v5.4.2
  • Unix Rogue v5.3
    • Derivative of v5.2 modified at New Mexico Tech
  • Unix Rogue v5.2.1
  • Unix Rogue v3.6.3


Watch an AI from the early 1980s put your skills to shame. Rogomatic speeds through the dungeons of Unix Rogue. Using a genetic algorithm, Rogomatic learns from every game it plays. Will you witness it become a total winner?

Rogomatic knows how to play:

  • Unix Rogue v3.6.3
  • Unix Rogue v5.2.1
  • Unix Rogue v5.3 (Coming in 3.0.5)
  • Unix Rogue v5.4.2
  • PC Rogue v1.1 (Experimental in 3.0.5)

Customizable Graphics

Retro Effects

Retro Rogue Collection lets you play Rogue the way it looked in the 1980s. By emulating the look of CRT monitors, you'll get the old school experience. Choose from several existing profiles, or create your own.

Tilemap Support

Don't like the existing look? You can edit the existing tilemap to add graphics of your own.

Replay System

Retro Rogue Collection allows you to save your game with a full history of moves. You can watch a replay of your entire game, or step through individual turns. If you become a total winner, why not share it with a friend?

Linux Support

With version 3.0 the code builds and runs on Linux!


Retro Rogue Collection: Six versions of the classic Rogue game with customizable retro graphics. Now with Rogomatic support!




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