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Convert rle volumes to voxel.js
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Convert rle volumes to voxel.js


First, install using npm:

npm install rle-voxel

Then, you can just convert a volume using module.exports:

var bunny_rle = require("rle-rasterize")(require(bunny));
require("rle-voxeljs")(voxels, bunny_rle, [[-20, -20, -20], [20, 20, 20]]);

If you just want to initialize your game with a narrowband level set, then it may be more direct to just wrap the classifyPoint function as a generator:

var testPoint = require("rle-classify").point.bind(null, bunny_rle);
var generator = function(x,y,z) { return testPoint([x,y,z]); };

The main method is the following:

require("rle-voxeljs")(voxels, rle, bounds, start_pos)

The arguments to the function are as follows:

  • voxels: The voxeljs game object
  • rle: A narrowband level set
  • bounds: The bounds of the object to convert
  • start_pos: A translation offset


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. BSD

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