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Git Branch Hook Plugin for Redmine

Add issue related revision by branch name. If the branch name include #xxxx, this plugin relate the commit to issue xxxx. For example, commits of following branches is related to issue 12345.

  • #12345
  • hotfix/#12345
  • hotfix/#12345/some-module
  • hotfix/#12345/fix-somedescription
  • fix-#12345

Close issue by Merge

Git Brnach Hook Plugin can close the ticket automatically by Merge branch. For example, if you work on hotfix/#12345 branch. When merge this branch with --no-ff option to master (or something else),

$ git merge --no-ff hotfix/#12345

This command add commit log :

commit 6d30f57bbf423404fbe8a2a497039ead2e90bbbf
Merge: 98dd73e 59007a4
Author: XXXXX
Date:   XXX

    Merge branch 'hotfix/#12345'

Git Branch Hook Plugin add string "cloesed #12345" to end of commit message.

    Merge branch 'hotfix/#12345' (closes #12345)

If you enabled Remine's issue auto close option by the key word in the commit message, issue #12345 will be closed.

If you don't want close the issue by merge, disabled Redmine's issue auto close function.


When merge branch on fast-forward, Merge message is not commited and auto close function does not work correctly. To use close by merge function, ensure execute 'git merge' with '--no-ff' option.