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A Redmine plugin which enables it to receive application error notifications Airbrake-style
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Airbrake Server for Redmine

An implementation of the Airbrake (formerly known as Hoptoad) protocol v2 for Redmine which automatically creates issues from notices submitted from your applications notifier. Inspired by and loosely based on the Hoptoad server by Jan Schulz-Hofen


Install the hpricot gem, then install the plugin into Redmine as usual. Now go to Administration -> Settings -> Incoming emails and, if neccessary, check Enable WS for incoming emails and generate an API key. This is the key you will need in the next step to configure your notifier.


For a Rails application, just setup the Airbrake notifier as usual, then modify config/initializers/airbrake.rb according to your needs using this template:

HoptoadNotifier.configure do |config|
  config.api_key = {:project => 'redmine_project_identifier',    # the identifier you specified for your project in Redmine
                    :tracker => 'Bug',                           # the name of your desired tracker
                    :api_key => 'redmine_api_key',               # the key you generated in the previous step
                    :category => 'Development',                  # the name of a ticket category, optional
                  	:fixed_version_id => 25,                     # the default version, optional
                    :assigned_to => 'admin',                     # the login of a user the ticket should get assigned to by default, optional
                    :login => 'airbrake',                        # the login who should be displayed as author of the tickets. Defaults to anonymous.
                    :reopen_strategy => 'production',            # will only reopen if the error occurs on the specified environment. Defaults to all, optional.
                    :priority => 5                               # the default priority (use id instead of name, optional.)
                   }.to_yaml = ''                            # the hostname your Redmine runs at
  config.port = 443                                              # the port your Redmine runs at = true                                           # sends data to your server using SSL, optional

Note: as of version 0.2, it is possible to specify defaults for all settings except :project and :api_key on the server using the web interface. Settings supplied by the client will take precedence however.

That's it. You may run rake airbrake:test to generate a test issue. If it doesn't work, check your logs and configuration, then submit an issue on Github


This plugin is licensed under the Apache license 2.0


Written by Marcus Ilgner (

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