Demo ToDo App with Laravel Framework
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Laravel ToDo App

This is a simple ToDo app with multiple user support.

This is built on Laravel Framework 5.1. This was built for demonstrate purpose.


Clone the repository-

git clone

Then cd into the folder with this command-

cd laravel-todo

Then do a composer install

composer install

Then create a environment file using this command-

cp .env.example .env

Then edit .env file with appropriate credential for your database server. Just edit these two parameter(DB_USERNAME, DB_PASSWORD).

Then create a database named todos and then do a database migration using this command-

php artisan migrate

Then change permission of storage folder using thins command-

(sudo) chmod 777 -R storage

At last generate application key, which will be used for password hashing, session and cookie encryption etc.

php artisan key:generate

Run server

Run server using this command-

php artisan serve

Then go to http://localhost:8000 from your browser and see the app.

Ask a question?

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