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milter manager is a free software to protect you from spam mails and virus mails effectively with milter.
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# -*- rd -*-

= README --- milter manager: a milter to use milters effectively.

== Name

milter manager

== Site


== License

Use the following rules:

  * Files that describe their license: their license
  * Commands: GPL3(license/gpl.txt)
  * Documents: GFDL(license/fdl.txt)
  * Images: Public Domain
  * Libraries: LGPL3(license/lgpl.txt)

Here is a concrete list:

  * Files that describe their license:
    * milter/core/milter-memory-profile.c: LGPL2+
  * Commands: GPL3
    * src/*
    * tool/*
  * Documents: GFDL
    * doc/*
  * Images: Public Domain
    * doc/*.svg, doc/*.png, html/*.svg, html/*.png
  * Libraries: LGPL3
    * others than those above

== milter manager

milter manager is a milter to use multiple milters

If milter manager is introduced, milter manager
administrates milters instead of MTA. The has some

  * reduce milter administration cost
  * combine milters flexibly

See ((<Introduction|"doc/introduction.rd">)) for more details.

== Dependencies

  * MTA that supports milter
    * Sendmail >= 8.13.8
    * Postfix >= 2.3.3
  * GLib >= 2.12.3
  * Ruby >= 1.8.5
  * UN*X OS
    * Linux(Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS)
    * FreeBSD, NetBSD
    * Solaris

=== Optional dependencies

  * ((<Cutter: unit testing framework for C|URL:>))
    >= 1.0.6

    It is needed for 'make check' and 'make coverage'.

  * LCOV: graphical front-end for GCC's coverage testing tool gcov

    It is needed for 'make coverage'.

    ((<LCOV - the LTP GCOV extension|URL:>))

  * RRDtool (It's better that bundled Ruby bindings are also installed)

    It is needed for milter-manager-log-analyzer.


== Install

See ((<Install|"doc/install.rd">)).

== Configuration

See ((<Configuration|"doc/configuration.rd">)).

== Usage

milter-manager command is installed into sbin/ not
bin/. In most cases, normal user doesn't include sbin/ in
PATH. You will need to use absolute path.

If you don't specify --prefix option for configure script,
milter-manager is installed into /usr/local/sbin/. You can
run milter-manager like the following:

  % /usr/local/sbin/milter-manager --help

Available options are shown if installation is succeeded.
See ((<milter-manager|"doc/milter-manager.rd">)) for more details.

== Tools

milter manager includes some useful tools. They are
installed into bin/.

  * ((<milter-test-server|"doc/milter-test-server.rd">)): It
    talks MTA side milter protocol. It can be used for
    testing a milter without MTA.
  * ((<milter-test-client|"doc/milter-test-client.rd">)): It
    is a milter that just shows received data from MTA. It
    can be used for confirming what data is sent from MTA.
  * ((<milter-performance-check|"doc/milter-performance-check.rd">)):
    It is a SMTP client that measures MTA performance.
  * ((<milter-manager-log-analyzer|"doc/milter-manager-log-analyzer.rd">)):
    It analyzes log of milter-manager and visualizes
    behavior of milters registered to milter-manager.

== Mailing list

There is
mailing list. Questions and bug reports are accepted on
it. New release announce is also done on the mailing
list. If you are using milter manager, it's a good idea that
you subscribe the mailling list.

== Source code

The latest source is available from the Git repository:

  % git clone

== Thanks

  * OBATA Akio: reported a bug.
  * Павел Гришин: reported bugs.
  * Fumihisa Tonaka:
    * reported bugs.
    * suggested new features.
  * sgyk: reported bugs.
  * Tsuchiya: reported bugs.
  * Syunsuke Komma: reported a bug.
  * Yuto Hayamizu:
    * cleaned test.
    * added useful features for creating milter by Ruby.
  * gorimaru: suggested usage improvements.
  * ZnZ:
    * fixed typos.
    * reported useful advises.
  * Antuan Avdioukhine: suggestions.
  * SATOH Fumiyasu:
    * reported bugs.
    * improved Solaris support.
  * ROSSO: reported a bug.
  * akira yamada:
    * reported a bug.
    * suggested about Debian package.
  * Kenji Shiono:
    * reported bugs.
    * suggested new features.
  * Jordao:
    * reported a bug.
  * Mitsuru Ogino:
    * reported bugs.
  * moto kawasaki:
    * added /etc/rc.conf.local loading support on FreeBSD.
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