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yjiangnan commented Sep 5, 2019

I have been struggling for the last several days to make docker-mailserver to work on my Mac, but only with limited success and even the simplest setups throw problems at me. I know mail-server is hard, due to the large numbers of components. But isn't it the purpose of docker to make the configurations contained as reproducible

eddiejibson commented Sep 7, 2019


Just wondering where API documentation actually is? I haven't seen it around but can see clearly you can generate credentials. I know if this is fully implemented I'll definitely contribute some money because of how much it'd help me.


muhlemmer commented Aug 23, 2019

To: @kaiyou

Currently the documentation content is build into html at container build time. From that point on, it is a static website. We have the following is hard-coded:

This needs to match on every release branch, so that every documentation version's container has a proper drop-down for o

agittins commented Sep 2, 2019

I might have missed some documentation (or just knowledge of docker best practices and how to apply them) but...

What's the best way to add plugins to roundcube with this setup, so that it will survive updates, migrations etc?

I'm particularly interested in things like keyboard shortcuts, contact sync etc, but I expect if there's a "containery way" it would apply to all plugins.

It would

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