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@ignopeverell ignopeverell released this Dec 12, 2019


  • 2f8a1f2 Versioning for 3.0.0-beta.2 (#3170)
  • 0fba087 fix: panic in TUI table selected item. focus is zero indexed (#3169)
  • bde1977 drop msg if sync_sender buffer is full (do not close peer connection) (#3164)
  • 5c7bc3d fix(TUI): Selected column and selected row of table are now preserved when set_items() is called (#3161)
  • 39af7fa fix(TUI): Fixed panic when changing order of items in TableView before the number of items in the table is reduced (#3160)
  • b5f73b6 try_header_head in the syncer loop with a short timeout (#3165)
  • fd4c4c5 chore(test): remove deprecated try/r#try macro in favour of ? (#3163)

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