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🔮 Hello, world.

federated social web blog
using the foundation of all-the-things

📯 Description

federated social web blog app. in short, i'm trying to build an open-source Tumblr (RIP). passes SWAT0!

⚡ Features

  • social features:
    • RSS reader
    • oStatus stack, WebSub/Salmon/Webfinger
    • commenting
    • api to follow/reblog content (pretty basic right now)
  • WYSIWYG editor
    • edit content in page, or add new content via dashboard
    • rich content pasting (paste in url/embed and we'll grab the video or image)
    • tagging objects through #catvideo and people @bestfriendforevs
    • different templates (namely, albums currently)
    • CSS/JS/HTML editing via CodeMirror
  • technology features:

💾 Install

This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app and all-the-things.


Prerequisites: Node 14+ if you want proper internationalization (i18n) support (via full-icu).

Getting Started

First, run the development server:

yarn dev

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

You can start editing the page by modifying pages/index.tsx. The page auto-updates as you edit the file.

API routes can be accessed on http://localhost:3000/api/hello. This endpoint can be edited in pages/api/hello.ts.

The pages/api directory is mapped to /api/*. Files in this directory are treated as API routes instead of React pages.

In dev or prod you'll want to setup your environment as well. Check out the .env.example file and mv it to .env.development.local (or .env for prod) and set the various variables:

  • NEXT_PUBLIC_DB* for your database
  • NEXT_PUBLIC_SESSION_SECRET for session management
  • NEXT_PUBLIC_AUTH0* variables if you would like to use Auth0 for logging in

To run tests:

yarn test

To setup your DB:

cp prisma/.env.example prisma/.env

and set DATABASE_URL=postgresql://

Then, to sync your DB:

npx prisma db push

To view your DB locally:

npx prisma studio

To learn more about Prisma, read the docs here. Supabase is pretty great to get a good Postgres DB:

To add your name/email to relevant files:

yarn config

🎯 Goals

  • pass SWAT0
  • open source
  • quick to install
  • be a good, straightforward-to-use alternative to what's out there!

🗺️ Roadmap

p0 (high pri)

  • create something that tests the website/salmon etc apis
  • refix websub/pubsubhubbub
  • creating comment doesn't load in comment properly (text missing)
  • replying from dashboard when body of editor isn't selected throws error
  • possible to pause compilation while building package?
  • apostrophe in title makes it not hidden, e.g. Don-t-deploy-on-Fridays-wRXma4oxja
  • Multiple app capable
  • getting negative counts on dashboard - regression
  • Fault tolerant http
  • rm antiCache with migration to React hook <- needed anymore?
  • Package directories build sanely
  • Reader WordPress alt Tumblr alternative
  • freeze HMR when re-building
  • when done with editing doesn’t have latest version
  • don't have edit link on feed page / or redirect to content page
  • graphql errors should surface to top
  • use rebound?
  • end debugger debugger on run, to be safe?
  • bin / fly prod should have npm corresponding command
  • think about igor's feedback re css and other stuff
  • high-res picture load in app, not new link
  • hw loading old entries if purged prbly
  • sorting should refresh feed
  • pasting iframe into editor doesn’t work (npr video embed)
  • fix img sizes in comments (too big - see example on nite-lite about page)
  • Email is formatted wrong when getting webmention (says self sent email)
  • don't update updatedAt for view
  • migrate from user context to local state
  • split off dashboard, admin panel, draft.js code, auth0, and lodash code for performance
  • social api:
  • twitter embed support
  • editor
    • onbeforeleave fix after posting once
    • drop anywhere on page
    • don’t replace when uploading twice
    • don’t allow links to be clicked in editor
    • something wrong with toolbars editing (multiple)
    • grab thumb from first image (if pasted in)
    • when finishing editing doesn’t show new version
    • show uploading spinner
  • fix linting / compilation checks in packages
  • get rid of trailing slash on profile page
  • make install instructions dead-simple, one-liner with mysql mock db setup.
  • render HTML with inline styling (e.g. mentions)
  • getting an error in graphql seems to freeze the apollo server. if so, update all-the-things, too.
  • same Apollo query twice causes SSR to fail with htmlHead, wtf.
  • more GraphQL examples:
    • fragments
      • also, things like fetchPublicUserData should be part of the graph not separate queries
    • local state
    • subscriptions
    • check out dataloader:
    • generate automatically schemas/typedefs
  • generator steps for Sequelize files
  • see if lazy attribute can be a good substitute for ContentThumb's delay-loading logic (chrome 75)
  • finish up Admin panel to add/delete users
  • loading state when following someone new
  • incorrect url (i.e. with http:) follow error on dashboard

p1 (medium pri)

  • web components? (e.g. check out
  • update material-ui with proper theme (instead of pixel.css)
  • should follow self in dashboard, when posting new comment it goes to 'user remote' version.
  • add site loading/working component, say when following a feed and it's working.
  • hubspot's draft-extend / draft-convert might be a better route than draft-js-plugins, maybe combine the two editors
  • more winston logging
  • links template should only open embeds in lightbox?
  • images open in lightbox
  • editor features to bring back (from Python version)
    • use CSS-in-JS in editor package to avoid having to import separately
    • add snackbar close action
    • better emoji picker (can use EmojiOne's)
    • custom emojis
    • gotta fix @-mentioning for editing content (works for dashboard only now)
    • draft.js:
      • move paste code out of main index.js
      • custom tab behavior - draft.js's default is terrible
      • add markdown
      • add inline-code
      • add empty newline always at end of doc
      • image upload progress (or indeterminate loading "spinner")
      • unfurl should have "(via link)"
      • take a look at utils codebase:
      • code, use prism syntax highlighting
      • google maps embed
      • can’t import CSS for some reason into webpack from node_modules (from draft-js-plugins)
      • DraftEntity.get/create deprecated
      • multiple images - single undo instead of two (also when pasting unfurl)
      • use something instead of ' ‘ and ‘a’ for atomic blocks
      • convertFromHTML bug - this will fail <figure> <img src=""> </figure> but w/o whitespace won’t
      • toolbar don’t move on click (position so it doesn’t go off screen), get rid of scale
      • checklist / tasklist
      • dnd + align toolbars don’t actually work
      • htmlToEntity has extra data (entity and node both have the same data :-/), need to update attachment.js, unfurl.js, Iframe.js, Image.js, Blocks.js
    • create new sections / albums, renames (and redirects)
    • content rename (and redirects)
    • draggable, be able to drag album, sitemap, followers and move to different categories
    • some content is uneditable (like from Simple.js)
    • audio/video uploads
    • css/js live updates to wysiwyg
    • figcaption
  • dashboard: better way to sandbox remote content?
  • search should have InfiniteFeed
  • bring back old features (from Python version)
    • data liberation, ability to port data to another site/service
    • themes
    • forums
    • events
    • store
    • slideshow
    • favorites and shares
    • spam control
    • webfinger if present then show Follow button for user
    • fb/google+/twitter mirroring (backwards compatibility ;)
    • media manager: had support for video/audio/images
    • resumable uploads
    • edit images
    • newsletter, google analytics, basic ads, adult content flag
    • Structured data w movies music
    • content management
      • drag & drop to move sections
      • drag & drop to move content in albums
      • have hidden content
      • change section/album/thumb/hidden/template/thumb in content editor
      • be able to delete from within content editor
  • friendica, other webfinger/host-meta tech
    • check out oexchange (see friendica)
    • check out amcd (see friendica)
    • why does friendica have salmon magic-key at top level host-meta file?
  • dashboard/item.js update() is called so much there's a race condition and sometimes the apollo store gets -1

p2 (ideas)

  • look at/switch over to a React Hook

📙 Learn More

To learn more about Next.js, take a look at the following resources:

You can check out the Next.js GitHub repository - your feedback and contributions are welcome!

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Check out our Next.js deployment documentation for more details.

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