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federated social web tumblr/blog/rss reader/wordpress-like thingy. passes swat0! currently powers
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hello, world.


federated social web tumblr/blog/rss reader/wordpress-like app to be used on shared servers. passes swat0!


  • ostatus stack, PuSH/Salmon/Webfinger
  • edit content in page, or add new content via dashboard
  • media manager (get oembed/open graph info from websites)
  • rich content pasting (paste in url/embed and we'll grab the video or image)
  • REST-style editing
  • spam control
  • rss reader
  • tagging objects through #catvideo and people @bestfriendforevs
  • feed/events/links/store/slideshow templates
  • pretty css/js/html editing via codemirror
  • album template using html5 history for nicer transitions between pages
  • browserid for logins, fallback to oauth
  • edit images via pixastic
  • resumable uploads via resumable.js
  • have hidden content (not private content - that's on the todo list though)
  • drag & drop to move sections
  • drag & drop to move content in albums
  • data liberation, ability to port data to another site/service
  • api to follow/reblog content (pretty basic right now)
  • ability to add translations
  • caching (limited to disk caching for now; shared servers, mang!)
  • fb/google+/twitter mirroring (backwards compatibility ;)
  • other customization extras: newsletter, google analytics, basic ads, adult content age check, license

setting up the repository

Hello, world. has a dependency on the tornado library so it's a couple more steps than just cloning.

git clone git://
git submodule init
git submodule update


  • be able to run on shared servers (hence, use of mod_rails/fcgi instead of ioloop)
  • pass swat0
  • open source
  • easy to install
  • be a good, easy-to-use alternative to what's out there!

todo (hey, intrepid open source developer! check out all this stuff you

could help work on! email me:

  • privacy
  • possibly: wiki
  • possibly: multiple blogs per person
  • possibly: django port?
  • possibly: js "templating" - be able to add microformatting, creativeworks/recipes/person,
  • reduce/cache mysql calls
  • make oauth on the server so that external apps can plug in?
  • mysql migrator
  • tag editing is meh (deleting tags too)
  • don't refresh on new section/album
  • full templates possibly (also shouldn't make copy of non-edited css)
  • plugins?
  • maybe backbone/underscore
  • translations (UI like pontoon)
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