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Migrating from 0.3.x to 1.0



  • queue -> command # adds command to queue
  • queue! -> command # it will output the command if verbose is true
  • to -> on # changes queue name
  • in_directory -> in_path # wraps commands to be run in specified path
  • invoke :'task[param]' -> invoke :task, param # passes params to the task


  • run # runs commands on a specified backend, this has replaced old before and after hooks
  • comment # adds a 'echo -----> #{command}' to queue

Other commands have been removed!

Remove :environment dependency on all your tasks!

task deploy: :environment do
task :deploy do

Setting variables


  • set # remained for setting variables


  • fetch # ALL variables now need to be fetched with fetch. Removed method_missing
  • set?
  • ensure!

Deploy variables

  • shared_paths -> separated into shared_dirs & shared_files

For example:

set :shared_dirs, fetch(:shared_dirs, []).push('somedir')
set :shared_files, fetch(:shared_files, []).push('config/database.yml', 'config/secrets.yml')

All *_path variables (:current_path, :shared_path, ...) now include :deploy_to

  • #{fetch(:deploy_to)}/#{fetch(:current_path)} -> fetch(:current_path)

Using new mina on old projects

  • run mina setup
  • if you do not want for bundle to install gems copy current/vendor/bundle to /shared/vendor/bundle
  • if you do not want to precompile assets copy current/public/assets to shared/public/assets
  • if you want to precompile you will need to run deploy with force_asset_precompile=true
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