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Lukas Renggli's PetitParser library ported to TypeScript - on hold until TypeScript stabilizes
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Lukas Renggli's PetitParser, ported to TypeScript by Rasmus Schultz.

Referencing PetitParserDart 0.5.5:

And cross-referencing PetitParserJava:


This is currently a very rough source-to-source port of the Dart version
of PetitParser to TypeScript.

Status of port of each core file from the Dart version:

    context.dart          fully ported
    token.dart            fully ported
    parser.dart           fully ported (with TODOs)
    characters.dart       fully ported (with TODOs)
    parsers.dart          fully ported (with TODOs)
    predicates.dart       fully ported (with TODOs)
    actions.dart          fully ported (with TODOs)
    combinators.dart      fully ported (with TODOs)
    composite.dart        fully ported (with TODOs)
    repeaters.dart        fully ported (with TODOs)
    reflection.dart       fully ported with many TODOs and open questions...
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