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This project adds support for OpenCover in TeamCity. Features it includes are:

  • Adding new build type to run TC
  • Configurable executables paths and parameters for them including support for Ant-style wildcards
  • Discovering test assemblies including support for Ant-style wildcards
  • Support for report generator (
  • Importing coverage from report as build metric and therefore make possible to add fail build based on it

Disclaimer: I am c# programmer, this is my first java attempt since college, I am very opened to c&c, so don't be shy.

Building this project

Build with IntelliJ IDEA

  1. Copy the devPackage directory from the TeamCity install location to c:\tmp\devPackage
  2. Copy the webapps folder from the TeamCity install location to C:\tmp\webapps\
  3. Open project in IntelliJ IDEA

For more info see Bundled Development Package

If prompted to select a SDK see Configuring Global, Project and Module SDKs or SDKs. Java

Deploying plugin

Using TeamCity UI
Located the built in out\artifacts\plugin_zip\ and upload through the Administration screen in teamcity. Located under Administration > Plugins List, click Upload plugin zip.


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