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🎨 Contextual fmt inspired by bootstrap color classes
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Contextual fmt

It provides contextual formatting functions that have nearly identical usage of the fmt package. The ideas were borrowed from bootstrap's contextual color classes.


go get


package main

import (


func main() {
    cfmt.Success("User was created successfully")
    cfmt.Infoln("Here are some candidates")
    cfmt.Warningf("%s is not valid integer value\n", "123a")
    log.Fatal(cfmt.Serrorf("Only numeric is allowed, got %s", "123.456a"))

cfmt output

Contextual functions

Note: cfmt.Errorf function does not do same things to fmt.Errorf, but to fmt.Printf with red colored text.

  • Success (Green)
    • Fsuccess, Fsuccessf, Fsuccessln
    • Success, Successf, Successln
    • Ssuccess, Ssuccessf, Ssuccessln
  • Info (Cyan)
    • Finfo, Finfof, Finfoln
    • Info, Infof, Infoln
    • Sinfo, Sinfof, Sinfoln
  • Warning (Yellow)
    • Fwarning, Fwarningf, Fwarningln
    • Warning, Warningf, Warningln
    • Swarning, Swarningf, Swarningln
  • Error (Red)
    • Ferror, Ferrorf, Ferrorln
    • Error, Errorf, Errorln
    • Serror, Serrorf, Serrorln



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