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Minish Cap Randomizer

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This program creates a randomized version of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

Current version: 0.6.0a


The following things are randomized:

  • Key Items
  • Quest Items
  • Gold Kinstones
  • Heart Pieces and Heart Containers
  • Elements
  • Great Fairies
  • Dojos
  • Unique Shop Items
  • Music (if set)

Please see the releases page for the latest changes.

We plan to extend this as far as possible in the game, including future modes such as 'Kinsanity'. Due to the alpha nature of the software, we can't promise every seed is completable! Let us know where you got stuck in our Discord server and we'll check it out.


The most complete resource for the randomizer, including maps of all locations, can be found here. It was developed by the fabulous Myth197. More comprehensive resources pertaining to randomizer gotchas and speed strats are pending.


Download the latest zip from the releases page, you'll need all the files it comes with. Choose a seed or leave it default, choose settings and gimmicks, then hit randomize. You'll need to provide an EU copy of Minish Cap, don't ask us where to get one. Hitting 'Save ROM' will prompt you to save the randomized game. You can also save a spoiler log for if you get stuck/want some help.

Known Issues

  • None? this wont last long.

Please join our Discord server to discuss the project and assist with testing! We're also working on trackers for assisting with the randomizer, and would love any and all feedback.