Citizen-facing public site for Money to Prisoners
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Send Money to Prisoners

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Citizen-facing public site for Money to Prisoners

Running locally

In order to run the application locally, it is necessary to have the API running. Please refer to the money-to-prisoners-api repository.

Once the API is running locally, run

./ start

This will build everything (which will initially take a while) and run the local server at http://localhost:8004/.

Alternative: Docker

In order to run a server that's exactly similar to the production machines, you need to have Docker installed. Run

./ local_docker

and you should eventually be able to connect to the local server.


With the ./ command, you can run a browser-sync server, and get the assets to automatically recompile when changes are made, run ./ serve instead of ./ start. The server is then available at the URL indicated.

./ test

Runs all the application tests.

You can connect a local version of money-to-prisoners-common for development by pre-pending the following task to the run script.

python_dependencies --common-path [path]


Update translation files with ./ make_messages – you need to do this every time any translatable text is updated.

Pull updates from Transifex with ./ translations --pull. You'll need to update translation files afterwards and manually check that the merges occurred correctly.

Push latest English to Transifex with ./ translations --push. NB: you should pull updates before pushing to merge correctly.


This is handled by MOJ Digital's CI server. Request access and head there. Consult the dev runbook if necessary.