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Miscellaneous IPython extensions

These extensions target IPython master, so may not always work on the latest stable release of IPython.

You can install each extension individually, via copy, download, or symlink (below):

ln -s $(pwd)/extensions/* $(ipython locate)/extensions
ln -s $(pwd)/nbextensions/* $(ipython locate)/nbextensions

or you can link the extension directories into your IPython directories (what I do):

ln -s $(pwd)/extensions $(ipython locate)/extensions
ln -s $(pwd)/nbextensions $(ipython locate)/nbextensions


Add a gist button to the notebook toolbar:

$ curl -L > $(ipython locate)/nbextensions/gist.js

and load it by adding to your custom.js, found in $(ipython locate profile)/static/custom/custom.js:

$([]).on("app_initialized.NotebookApp", function () {

Table of Contents

Generates floating table of contents inside your notebook from the heading cells. Adds a button to the toolbar to toggle the floating table of contents.

install the extension:

$ curl -L > $(ipython locate)/nbextensions/toc.js
$ curl -L > $(ipython locate)/nbextensions/toc.css

and load it with this in your custom.js:

$([]).on("app_initialized.NotebookApp", function () {

Write and execute

This IPython Notebook magic writes the content of the cell to a specified .py file before executing it. An identifier can be used when writing to the file, thus making it possible to overwrite previous iterations of the same code block. The use case for this extension is to export selected code from a Notebook for reuse through a .py file.

To install the extension use: %install_ext Then load it with %load_ext writeandexecute

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