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IO memory page library for Mirage backends
Standard ML OCaml C Other
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lib Update autogen files
lib_test remove malloc.h to fix compilation of tests on FreeBSD
unix Restructure the library to factorize common parts
.gitignore Switch to using OASIS for build
.travis.yml Test depopts in TravisCI
Makefile Fix the release script Add basic README
_oasis Bump version
_tags build io_page_xen on demand (with approrpriate flags)
build fix the installation of META files via correct installation flags
configure Add autogen files build io_page_xen on demand (with approrpriate flags)
opam switch over to mirage-xen-ocaml Update autogen files

This library implements support for efficient handling of I/O memory pages on Unix and Xen.

IO pages are page-aligned, and wrapped in the Cstruct library to avoid copying the data contained within the page.

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