Ariadne is a Python library for implementing GraphQL servers inspired by Apollo Server.
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Ariadne is a Python library for implementing GraphQL servers, inspired by Apollo Server and built with GraphQL-core-next.

The library already implements enough features to enable developers to build functional GraphQL APIs. It is also being dogfooded internally on a number of projects.

Documentation is available here.


  • Simple, quick to learn and easy to memorize API.
  • Compatibility with GraphQL.js version 14.0.2.
  • Queries, mutations and input types.
  • Asynchronous resolvers and query execution.
  • Custom scalars and enums.
  • Defining schema using SDL strings.
  • Loading schema from .graphql files.
  • WSGI middleware for implementing GraphQL in existing sites.
  • Opt-in automatic resolvers mapping between pascalCase and snake_case.
  • Build-in simple synchronous dev server for quick GraphQL experimentation and GraphQL Playground.
  • Support for Apollo GraphQL extension for Visual Studio Code.
  • GraphQL syntax validation via gql() helper function. Also provides colorization if Apollo GraphQL extension is installed.

Following features should work but are not tested and documented: unions, interfaces and subscriptions.


Ariadne can be installed with pip:

pip install ariadne


The following example creates an API defining Person type and single query field people returning a list of two persons. It also starts a local dev server with GraphQL Playground available on the address.

from ariadne import ResolverMap, gql, start_simple_server

# Define types using Schema Definition Language (
# Wrapping string in gql function provides validation and better error traceback
type_defs = gql("""
    type Query {
        people: [Person!]!

    type Person {
        firstName: String
        lastName: String
        age: Int
        fullName: String

# Map resolver functions to type fields using ResolverMap
query = ResolverMap("Query")

# Resolvers are simple python functions
def resolve_people(*_):
    return [
        {"firstName": "John", "lastName": "Doe", "age": 21},
        {"firstName": "Bob", "lastName": "Boberson", "age": 24},

person = ResolverMap("Person")

def resolve_person_fullname(person, *_):
    return "%s %s" % (person["firstName"], person["lastName"])

# Create and run dev server that provides api browser
start_simple_server(type_defs, [query, person]) # Visit to see API browser!

For more guides and examples, please see the documentation.


We are welcoming contributions to Ariadne! If you've found a bug or issue, or if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to use GitHub issues.

For guidance and instructions, please see