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Simple top like application for SailfishOS
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About application

Top like application. Show applications/processes on your cell phone sorted either by CPU or memory usage. You can also terminate/kill selected process. Cover page shows average load.

Important notice:

  • Do not kill stuff unless you know what you are doing, can lead into lot of troubles.

  • Memory column shows RSS (Resident Set Size) which is not a real memory usage. It includes shared resources, so the number is typically bigger.

  • Average load doesn’t mean CPU utilization as it includes processes waiting for io as well. See wikipedia.

Current status of application is somewhere around beta. It works and it’s not gonna eat your kittens (if you are careful), but there might be (and probably are) bugs. Especially regarding filtering apps. If you have a good (specific and implementable) idea how to improve the application, let me know. Patches are also very welcome. Direct both to github.


Binaries are currently available and will be updated at OpenRepos

About the origin

This application was written by Michal Hrušecký and is distributed under GPL-3.0 license with hope that somebody will find it useful.

If you like the application, and feel generous, you can flatter this or send me some bitcoins to BTC: 1JRC4u3dex1ox45RJkijM2aJEMsbZ28wZH

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