Allow us to override the current_page number #137

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Background: I'm using will_paginate to display results from a Google custom search.

Reason: The 'total_entries' given by google is an estimate, so it's entirely possible for will_paginate to display more page numbers than actually exist. (i.e. '1 2 3' when there are only 2 pages of results). When we visit this last page, we get an accurate 'total_entries' number from google that I'd like to use to override the will_paginate page number.

This works fine for me, and all tests still pass. Let me know if you'd like it done differently, or not included in will_paginate at all. (I do plan to release the google search stuff, so it would be useful to not have to patch will_paginate).

Thanks for all the awesome work on this so far,

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