a collection of questions to practice coding on leetcode
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3Sum Closest.txt
Add Two Numbers.txt
Balanced Binary Tree.txt
Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock.txt
Best Time to Buy and Sell StockII.txt
Best Time to Buy and Sell StockIII.txt
Binary Tree Inorder Traversal.txt
Binary Tree Level Order Traversal.txt
Binary Tree Level Order TraversalI.txt
Binary Tree Maximum Path Sum.txt
Binary Tree Zigzag Level Order Traversal.txt
Combination Sum II.txt
Combination Sum.txt
Construct Binary Tree from Inorder and Postorder.txt
Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder.txt
Container With Most Water.txt
Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree.txt
Convert Sorted List to Binary Search Tree.txt
Count and Say.txt
Divide Two Integers.txt
First Missing Positive.txt
Flatten Binary Tree to Linked List.txt
Gas Station.txt
Generate Parentheses.txt
Implement strStr().txt
Insert Interval.txt
Integer to Roman.txt
Jump Game II.txt
Jump Game.txt
Length of Last Word.txt
Letter Combinations of a Phone Number.txt
Longest Common Prefix.txt
Longest Palindromic Substring.txt
Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters.txt
Longest Valid Parentheses.txt
Maximal Rectangle.txt
Maximum Depth of Binary Tree.txt
Maximum Subarray.txt
Merge Intervals.txt
Merge Sorted Array.txt
Merge Two Sorted Lists.txt
Merge k Sorted Lists.txt
Minimum Depth of Binary Tree.txt
Minimum Path Sum.txt
Minimum Window Substring.txt
Multiply Strings.txt
Next Permutation.txt
Palindrome Number.txt
Palindrome Partitioning.txt
Partition List.txt
Pascal's Triangle II .txt
Path Sum.txt
Path SumII.txt
Permutation Sequence.txt
Permutations II.txt
Pow(x, n).txt
Recover Binary Search Tree.txt
Regular Expression Matching.txt
Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array II .txt
Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array.txt
Remove Duplicates from Sorted List.txt
Remove Duplicates from Sorted ListII.txt
Remove Element.txt
Remove Nth Node From End of List.txt
Reverse Integer.txt
Reverse Linked ListII.txt
Reverse Nodes in k-Group.txt
Roman to Integer.txt
Rotate Image.txt
Same Tree.txt
Search Insert Position.txt
Search for a Range.txt
Search in Rotated Sorted Array II.txt
Search in Rotated Sorted Array.txt
Set Matrix Zeroes.txt
Spiral Matrix.txt
Spiral MatrixII.txt
String to Integer (atoi).txt
Substring with Concatenation of All Words.txt
Surrounded Regions.txt
Swap Nodes in Pairs.txt
Symmetric Tree.txt
Two Sum.txt
Unique Binary Search Tree.txt
Unique PathII.txt
Unique Paths.txt
Valid Parentheses.txt
Validate Binary Search Tree.txt
Word Search.txt
ZigZag Conversion.txt



Leetcode(http://leetcode.com) is a social platform for preparing IT technical interviews. They strive to provide you with the best learning experience in preparing interviews for companies in the IT industry. The website contains three aspect content: Code, Read, Disscuss.

This project is started by myself for practicing programming in interviews. Now I have continuing coding the onlinejudge problems and I will summarize them by type. You can check the summaries in my blog(http://cuijing.org).

All of the code have passed the test. Hope we can make progress together!

tip:Please download package, and use nodepad++(http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v6.4.5.html) to open them after decompression.