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A simple Prolog API for the Z3 constraint solver
C Prolog
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A simple SWI Prolog API for Microsoft's SMT solver Z3

First, you should install SWI Prolog and the SMT solver Z3. It has been tested with SWI Prolog version 7.6.3 and Z3 version 4.6.1.

Then, you can download or clone the repository, e.g.,

$ git clone

and compile the C source file using the SWI Prolog utility program swipl-ld, as follows:

$ swipl-ld -c swiplz3.c

$ swipl-ld -shared -o swiplz3 swiplz3.o -lz3

Now, in order to use the Z3 functions, your Prolog code should load the file For this purpose, you can add

:- use_module(swiplz3).

to your Prolog file.

Check the simple examples and

This is ongoing work. Currently, it only covers constraints over integers and a few basic Z3 functions.

Please send me any comment to

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