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Biscuit research OS
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Cody Cutler
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Biscuit research OS

Biscuit is a monolithic, POSIX-subset operating system kernel in Go for x86-64 CPUs. It was written to study the performance trade-offs of using a high-level language with garbage collection to implement a kernel with a common style of architecture. You can find research papers about Biscuit here:

Biscuit has some important features for getting good application performance:

  • Multicore
  • Kernel-supported threads
  • Journaled FS with concurrent, deferred, and group commit
  • Virtual memory for copy-on-write and lazily mapped anonymous/file pages
  • TCP/IP stack
  • AHCI SATA disk driver
  • Intel 10Gb NIC driver

Biscuit also includes a bootloader, a partial libc ("litc"), and some user space programs, though we could have used GRUB or existing libc implementations, like musl.

This repo is a fork of the Go repo ( Nearly all of Biscuit's code is in biscuit/.


The root of the repository contains the Go 1.10.1 tools/runtime. Some of Biscuit's code is modifications to the runtime, mostly in src/runtime/os_linux.go.

Biscuit used to build on Linux and OpenBSD, but probably only builds on Linux currently. You must build Biscuit's modified Go runtime before building Biscuit:

$ git clone
$ cd biscuit/src
$ ./make.bash

then go to Biscuit's main part and launch it:

$ cd ../biscuit
$ make qemu CPUS=2

Biscuit should boot, then you can type a command:

# ls


  • You need qemu-system-x86_64 and python2 in your environment. If your distribution does not name them that way, you have to fix the naming, path, etc.

  • If the GOPATH environment variable doesn't contain biscuit/, the build will fail with something like:

src/ahci/ahci.go:8:8: cannot find package "container/list" in any of:

Either unset GOPATH or set it explicitly, for example (assuming that your working directory is where the GNUMakefile is):

$ GOPATH=$(pwd) make qemu CPUS=2


Please feel free to hack on Biscuit! We're happy to accept contributions.

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