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Fiat − Deductive Synthesis of Abstract Data Types in a Proof Assistant

This repository holds the source code of Fiat, a Coq ADT synthesis library.

This library is now mostly unmaintained; only targets fiat-core parsers parsers-examples are maintained for Coq's CI.


  • To build the library: Coq 8.4pl6 (use branch v8.4), Coq >= 8.16 (only fiat-core parsers parsers-examples)
  • To step through the examples: GNU Emacs 24.3+, Proof General 4.4+
  • To extract and run OCaml code: OCaml 4.02.0+

Compiling and running the code

  • To build the core library: make fiat-core
  • To build the SQL-like libary: make querystructures (no longer builds)
  • To build the parsers libary: make parsers