Quick Mail WordPress plugin is the easiest way to send email with attachments from WordPress admin
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Adds "Quick Mail" to Tools. Send text or html email with file attachments from user's credentials. French and Spanish translations.

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Build Status

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Quick Mail is the easiest way to send an email with attachments to a WordPress user on your site.

Send a quick email from WordPress Dashboard to WordPress users, or anyone. Adds Quick Mail to Tools menu.

User options for sending email to site users or others. Mail is sent with user's name and email. Multiple files from up to six directories (folders) can be attached to a message.


  • Sends text or html mails to multiple recipients. Content type is determined from message.

  • Multiple recipients can be selected from users or entered manually.

  • Saves message and subject on form to send repeat messages.

  • Saves last 12 email addresses entered on form.

  • Share a WordPress draft by copying / pasting its code into a message.

  • Option to validate recipient domains with checkdnserr before mail is sent.

  • Validates international domains if idn_to_ascii is available to convert domain to Punycode.

  • Site options for administrators to hide their profile, and limit access to user list.

Learn More


  1. Download the plugin and unpack in your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can send mail?

  • Users must be able to publish a post to send an email.

  • User profile must include first name, last name, email address.

Selecting Recipients

  • Options to send mail to any user, or limit to users with first and last names on their profile.

  • Users need permission to list users, to view user list or change options. Minimum permission can be changed with an option or filter.


  • Up to 12 manually entered recipients are saved in HTML Storage.

  • Multiple files can be uploaded from up to 6 folders (directories).

  • "Uploads are disabled" on mobile devices.

Some devices cannot upload files. According to Modernizr :

iOS < 6 and some android version don't support this

File uploads are disabled for ancient IOS 5 devices. Please add a support message if uploads are disabled on your phone or tablet, so I can remove the upload button if your device is detected.

Address Validation

  • Address validation is an option to check recipient domain on manually entered addresses.

  • International (non-ASCII) domains must be converted to punycode with idn_to_ascii.

    Unfortunately, idn_to_ascii is not available on all systems.

  • "Cannot verify international domains because idn_to_ascii function not found"

    This is displayed when Quick Mail cannot verify domains containing non-ASCII characters.

  • checkdnsrr is used to check a domain for an MX record.

    An MX record tells senders how to send mail to the domain.

Mail Errors

  • Quick Mail sends email with wp_mail.

    wp_mail error messages are displayed, if there is a problem.

  • "You must provide at least one recipient email address."

    wp_mail rejected an address. Seen when Quick Mail verification is off.

Translators and Programmers

  • A .pot file is included for translators.

  • Includes French and Spanish translations.

  • See Quick Mail Translations for more info.


This plugin is free for personal or commercial use.