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npm-push: a private npm server

I wanted a private server that is easy to deploy - e.g. one that uses regular files for storage (no CouchDB).

I wanted something that can cache npm packages locally, and that can accept pushes from npm locally.


npm config set registry http://localhost:8080


npm --registry http://localhost:8080/ install foo

or in package.json:

    "registry": "http://localhost:8080/"

Supported commands

Commands that work - remote:

npm install
npm publish
npm view / npm info

Install and view are cached. Publish does not go out to the main server.

Todo - remote:

npm adduser
npm deprecate <pkg>[@<version>] <message>
npm outdated [<pkg> [<pkg> ...]]
npm owner add <username> <pkg>
npm owner rm <username> <pkg>
npm owner ls <pkg>
npm search
npm star <package> [pkg, pkg, ...]
npm unstar <package> [pkg, pkg, ...]
npm tag <project>@<version> [<tag>]
npm unpublish <project>[@<version>]
npm update

Commands that work - local:

npm bin / npm prefix / npm root
npm bugs / npm docs
npm cache ...
npm completion
npm config ... / npm get / npm set
npm edit / npm explore
npm faq / npm help / npm help-search
npm init
npm link
npm ls
npm pack
npm rebuild
npm rm / npm uninstall / npm prune
npm run-script/ npm start / npm restart / npm stop / npm test
npm submodule
npm shrinkwrap
npm version
npm whoami