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=== PresenPress ===
Contributors: miyauchi
Donate link:
Tags: presentation, leapmotion, reveal.js
Requires at least: 3.6
Tested up to: 3.8
Stable tag: 0.2.4

Presentation with WordPress + Leap Motion.

== Description ==

* This plugin allows you to craete presentation.
* You are able to control these presentations by gestures of the Leap Motion.
* JavaScript for slide are supported by [reveal.js](

[This Plugin published on GitHub.](

= Some Feature =

* Allow you to create mutiple presentation.
* Custom style sheet support.
* Some themes alredy included.
* cube, page, linear and other transition support.
* Convert gallery shortcode to the presentation automatically.

= Supported Gestures =

* swipe left - Move to next slide.
* swipe right - Move to previous slide.
* point - normal pointer
* touch - Highlighted pointer

= How to create presentation =

* Click Add New link in Presenation on the WordPress admin menu.
* If you want to add next slide, please place <!--nextpage--> tag in the editor.

= How to add your custom theme =

* Create your theme CSS. See [documentation](
* Please place the code like following in your functions.php or your custom plugin.


add_filter('presenpress_themes', function($themes){

    $themes['your_theme_name'] = array(
        'url' => '',
        'version' => '1.0.0'

    return $themes;

= Translators =

* Turkish(tr_TR) - [Serkan Algur](
* Japanese(ja) - [Takayuki Miyauchi](

== Installation ==

* A plug-in installation screen is displayed on the WordPress admin panel.
* It installs it in `wp-content/plugins`.
* The plug-in is made effective.

== Screenshots ==

1. Visual Editor
2. Presentation Settings
3. Presentation Example
4. Pointer
5. Highlighted pointer