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Interactively select and swap function arguments, list elements, and much more. Powered by tree-sitter.


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If you're getting an error updating this repository, delete it, and install it again! See #58 for details.

Interactively select and swap: function arguments, list elements, function parameters, and more. Powered by tree-sitter.


For vim-plug:

Plug 'mizlan/iswap.nvim'

For lazy.nvim:

  event = "VeryLazy"


Run the command :ISwap when your cursor is in a location that is suitable for swapping around things. These include lists/arrays, function arguments, and parameters in function definitions. Then, hit two keys corresponding to the items you wish to be swapped. After both keys are hit, the text should immediately swap in the buffer. See the gif above for example usage.

Use :ISwapWith if you want to have the element your cursor is over automatically as one of the elements. This way, you only need one keypress to make a swap.

Use :ISwapNode to swap two arbitrary adjacent nodes. Again, :ISwapNodeWith picks the cursor element automatically as one of the elements. :ISwapNodeWith{Left,Right} are provided as shortcuts to swap the cursor node with its immediate left and right node respectively.

For all of the above commands, there is an equivalent :IMove* command that will 'move' the node to the chosen position, rather than swapping. This is equivalent to swapping the first node with all of the nodes up to and including the second node.


In your init.lua:

  -- The keys that will be used as a selection, in order
  -- ('asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm' by default)
  keys = 'qwertyuiop',

  -- Grey out the rest of the text when making a selection
  -- (enabled by default)
  grey = 'disable',

  -- Highlight group for the sniping value (asdf etc.)
  -- default 'Search'
  hl_snipe = 'ErrorMsg',

  -- Highlight group for the visual selection of terms
  -- default 'Visual'
  hl_selection = 'WarningMsg',

  -- Highlight group for the greyed background
  -- default 'Comment'
  hl_grey = 'LineNr',

  -- Post-operation flashing highlight style,
  -- either 'simultaneous' or 'sequential', or false to disable
  -- default 'sequential'
  flash_style = false,

  -- Highlight group for flashing highlight afterward
  -- default 'IncSearch'
  hl_flash = 'ModeMsg',

  -- Move cursor to the other element in ISwap*With commands
  -- default false
  move_cursor = true,

  -- Automatically swap with only two arguments
  -- default nil
  autoswap = true,

  -- Other default options you probably should not change:
  debug = nil,
  hl_grey_priority = '1000',

inspired by hop.nvim and nvim-treesitter-textobjects


Interactively select and swap function arguments, list elements, and much more. Powered by tree-sitter.








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