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Strava Helper

This Add-on aims to provide some tweaks for the Strava Website. It supports Firefox, Edge and Chrome (as well as most Chrome clones, e.g. Opera, Vivaldi, Brave etc.).

Give Kudos to All

A button in the upper left of every Strava page can be used to give Kudos to all visible activities. It saves you a lot of time and your Strava friends get the litte dose of motivation they deserve!

Remove Clutter

Removes all social media and premium clutter from the dashboard and activity pages, such as:

  • "Find friends"
  • "Upcoming events"
  • "Discover more"
  • "Follow suggestions"
  • the promotional footer at the bottom
  • "Shop" link
  • "Get Premium" link
  • "Get Premium" box on dashboard
  • "Get Premium" boxes on profile page
  • Social media dropdown menu in activity feed
  • "Create target" link
  • Social media buttons on activity detail page and Flyby page
  • Zwift activities
  • Peloton activities
  • Achievement celebrations in feed

UI tweaks

  • Adds a link to VeloViewer to the main navigation bar and on activity pages
  • Adds a deep link to the VeloViewer activity details page (next to the Flyby link)



Build a Release

  1. Update
  2. Increase the version number in manifest.firefox.json, manifest.edge.json and
  3. Commit everything and create a tag in Git
  4. Create the distribution archives:
make all

The extension files


will be created in the current directory.

Upload the extensions:

Development Builds

web-ext run

Use a custom Firefox installation and profile:

web-ext run --firefox=/Applications/ --firefox-profile=$HOME/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles/\<PROFILE NAME\>

Add a Setting to the Preferences

  • add an input field with an unique ID to assets/html/options.html
  • add the settings for that field to the settings object in assets/js/strava_helper.options.js



This software is not endorsed by Strava. Please do not ask them for support.

The term STRAVA and the Strava logo are the exclusive trademarks of, and are owned by, Strava Inc.


Tweaks for the Strava website



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