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# Hi! I love Sinatra. I also love clear, concise, readable, testable code, as well as rapid development. So I put together this boilerplate for Sinatra, packed with all my favorite goodies - and it's still much, much lighter than Rails. Plus - It's designed in MVC fashion and ready to deploy on Heroku. Smoke on that.

goodie bag:

goods what's it for
sinatra the framework
bootstrap the front-end framework
font awesome fun icons
postgresql production database engine
sqlite3 development/testing database engine
activerecord the ORM
sinatra-activerecord ports activerecord for sinatra
tux provides a Shell for interaction with the app
rerun auto-reloads sinatra after each change
haml lightweight markup language
rspec unit testing
sinatra-flash 'flash'ing messages

###1) Download and run:

$ git clone
$ cd singing-sinatra
$ bundle install              
$ rerun ruby app.rb

Then fire up http://localhost:4567/

###2) Code / Test / Refactor

###3) Version control

$ git init
$ git add *
$ git commit -m "initial commit"

###4) Deploy

  • Create an account on Heroku. (if needed)
  • Install the gem - sudo gem install heroku (if needed)
  • Generate an SSH key. (if needed)
  • Push to Heroku:
$ heroku create <my-app-name>
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku rake db:migrate

Put that in your pipe.