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and others added some commits Apr 29, 2011
@mjsarfatti set up the rtl option
positionAbs and offset() at the moment return only top and left values, need to rework those functions to give right value as well.
@mjsarfatti implemented the rtl languages option, now waiting for tests 0d227ff
@mjsarfatti Rtl works now. Needs extensive testing on different browsers 26588dd
@mjsarfatti Merge branch 'feat-rtl' into develop 6b3fe30
@mjsarfatti Changed namespace! And added functionality
The namespace has been changed (ui -> mjs) according to jQuery widget best practices. The file name has been updated accordingly.

It is now possible to define the root items as being protected, i.e. they can be sorted but only as root, and no child che become root.

There is the possibility to define a custom isAllowed function.
@K-Phoen K-Phoen Add: include a basic but working example of how the widget, taken from f564459
@mjsarfatti code cleansing 76335ac
@mjsarfatti Merge pull request #8 from K-Phoen/example
Add Example directory to project
@mjsarfatti Block the script if a wrong listType is detected 3158cc4
@mjsarfatti Merge branch 'develop' of into d…
@mjsarfatti New: specify ID of root element. Change: MIT Lic.
Added an option to specify the ID of the root element, default is 'null'.
Small change to the custom isAllowed() function to reflect the english language!
License changed from CC to MIT, to go with jQuery's license
@mjsarfatti Update: README documentation 038c0ab
@mjsarfatti Fix: Issue 10 - missing ')' in Serialize method ef76b39
@mjsarfatti Fix: a comma too much crashes IE bf4c76f
@mjsarfatti Fix bug #22: .serialize() not working with the key argument d1aeb28
@joeellis joeellis Just experimenting with this branch and noticed this seemed to be off…
…. Or am I crazy?

fixed in 2.0

@mjsarfatti mjsarfatti closed this Apr 2, 2013
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